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If you want to progress your wedding photography business and establish your direction, then please read on. My course is created for wedding photographers with new and existing wedding photography businesses. Let me share with you exactly how I run my professional wedding photography business, and all the things I do differently on the day itself to ensure to ensure I get the results I want from every single wedding. No apple sauce, just honest practical knowledge and advice straight from the heart, borne out of experience

Whether you’re starting a new business and want some proven tactics and an honest insight on how to make your business work better for you in this competitive industry, or you’re more established and seek a fresh perspective and new direction to focus on, my whole course is designed around providing real tangible ways of progressing and improving both your business and your photography throughout all levels. Walk into your next wedding with more confidence and a new way of seeing things.

Wedding Photography Course Workshop Mentoring

Real Change and Progression

I’ve been a successful wedding photographer for more than a decade. Over four hundred happy couples have booked me as their wedding photographer. Together with a very healthy list of awards and nominations, including being named by acclaimed New York industry magazine Rangefinder as one of the worlds ‘30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’. I’ve worked through every price point, in many countries, at more venues than I can count. My entire approach to each wedding comes from this huge wealth of experience. Everything I do is a direct result of knowledge gained from hard work.

Let me share with you a different way of seeing things.

Previous Mentoring Feedback:

‘I had a 1-2-1 meeting with Paulo and thoroughly enjoyed my time learning about from him. I found him to be open and honest about each different aspect of wedding photography that we touched upon and I would highly recommend anyone considering a session to just book one! Paulo took me through each step: From initial enquiry to delivery of the final images while allowing us to spend more time concentrating on the specific areas I was looking to improve. He also took the time to look through my portfolio and website and offered genuinely helpful suggestions on how to improve them. At the end of the session, I felt very confident about the direction my work is heading while having plenty of notes on how to build and improve my business going forward. Thank you Paulo!’

– Luke / Luke Bell Photography

‘Booking a mentoring session with Paul was honestly one of the best things I have done for my business. It gave me a new perspective and sparked my creativity and passion for wedding photography. Paul was very clear, delivering lots of useful information and tips and regularly checking in to make sure it was sinking in! Everything he said made immediate sense, and I have already put a lot of it into practice. He taught me a new way of shooting, went through all of the technical bits and showed me exactly how to setup my camera. I now don’t shoot any other way, and I have so much more time and energy at weddings to be creative and present. I can see a marked difference in my work and I feel like I have a more defined style. The workshop was worth every penny as I’ve since seen a huge improvement in bookings, I have even had a wedding featured on Love My Dress! I really didn’t expect to see such immediate results from a few hours working with Paul, but I can’t recommend it enough for anyone wanting to take their photography business to the next level.’

– Amelia / Amelia Jane Photography

‘I am a moment-driven photographer but have struggled to find the balance within an industry that, I feel, wants wedding photographers to be every-moment-driven. “How many images will I get?” is the no.1 question I receive. Paulo shared how he challenges this POV, whilst educating his clients from website to delivery. Hearing his approach affirmed my own philosophy and has already given me the confidence to be, as Paulo describes himself, the 20% of wedding photographers who are ‘different’. I felt that I was able to see his own behind the scenes AND better understand the mentality of inquiring brides. I’ve asked myself the ‘why’ to what I do many times, but have not given much thought to the ‘why’ of brides. Why are they booking me? And, just maybe, does it go beyond a photograph? What is the experience they expect? And how can I set myself apart from everyone around me in EVERY aspect? Paulo shared that a more. Thank you! Paulo, just like your wedding work, your knowledge and experiences are invaluable. I was very surprised to learn what you were charging for your sessions and would have paid more! I’m not sure if you have wondered what a mentor session would be worth, but I just wanted to encourage you that it is well worth it… and more. Thank you for being so generous and easy to listen to. You covered so much!’

– Courtney / Inloveness Photography



Wedding Photograpy Workshops UK Mentoring

Course Details & Booking

Topics covered:
· My unchanging philosophy
· What’s really important?
· The art of slight intervention
· The equipment choices we make
· Living outside of your camera
· Client Management
· Enquiries and beating the odds
· Go with the flow

· Session Cost - £450
· Duration - 6 hours
· In person or live online
· Choose 1-2-1 or social group of 5 max
· Held in Newcastle - various weekdays
· Or nearer you if you ask nicely

Group discounts available.
Bring only your camera, notepad and pen.
Deposit £150 / Balance 7 days before.

Booking & Enquiries: