Holdfast Gear Moneymaker Review – Luxury Leather Camera Strap

I’m not in the habit of reviewing photography products, but on this occasion, I’m gonna! All because I managed to get my hands on the much sought after Holdfast Gear Moneymaker Luxury Leather Camera Strap. Mine came all the way from New York, purchased from B&H Photo. Couple of quick things first, rather than take some boring product shots, I thought it would be nice to get out and see the sun rise down at Tynemouth Beach with my good friend (and talented photographer) Matt Ethan. So yes, that mean it’s me in the photos posing my ass off (or at least trying) – but it also makes a refreshing change to get in front of the camera instead of behind it.

I appreciate a premium leather product, so this Holdfast Moneymaker immediately got my interest. So, what does it actually do then? Hmmm. Well, you wear it and hang your cameras off it, that’s basically it. And that’s the appeal. I cant think of many products that smash the functionality factor to bits whilst looking this awesome, all in one wonderfully simple package! Mine was supplied in Chestnut leather, and the quality of the bridal leather strap is second to none.


As a documentary wedding photographer, having my cameras literally by my side is a must, and if you value a functioning neck like I do, then standard DSLR camera straps are not an option when photographing up to 10 hour weddings. And belts, think Batman utility or Tim the Toolman Taylor and you’d be on the right track – I’ve tried these but always worried about missing the latch when re-attaching my camera and watching it make friends with the hard floor. The Holdfast Gear Moneymaker leather strap is perfect for me, my cameras remain right at my side out of harms way, and when I need them, swoosh – a quick slide and I’m already taking a shot I might otherwise have  missed!


Aside from the functionality being extremely well thought out, it really looks and feels the part too. Come on, don’t deny it – you thought I was packing a James Bond gun holster didn’t you! And the thing is, it does actually make you feel a bit like that. Prepared, is how I would describe the feeling. It’s extremely well built, using quality materials, and therefore it’s definitely an investment that will last you. And last you it will as it comes with a lifetime guarantee too. Oh, and it also comes in genuine natural python, if that’s what takes your fancy.

Overall, I’m a big fan. I’ve used it on a couple of occasions now and just can’t see myself shooting wedding photography without it. It’s also a nice conversation starter too. And I look quite good in it, don’t you think?


  • A premium product, built to last
  • And incase it doesn’t, it’s guaranteed for life
  • Comfortable, you’ll forget your wearing it
  • Makes you feel like James bond, and not Tim the Toolman Taylor


  • Your’e not James Bond
  • It tricks you into thinking you can model
  • Some might say too expensive (I don’t)
  • No UK stockists, shipping and import tax bump up price considerably.


At time of writing (above) there was no UK stockists. Head over to UK based (No import taxes!) Rigu Camera Accessories to see a great range of Holdfast Moneymaker straps and other cool camera accessories.

Visit my main page at Paul Santos Photography. And much thanks to Matt Ethan for his photography.