Best Wedding Photography of 2017 – Paulo Santos

Yeah, I know we’re now in 2018, but it’s been a busy year! And I do love this tradition, so here’s my best wedding photography of 2017. A chance to recap on the year past using wedding images that both hit my spot and show my style. To see all these moments in a snapshot of around 100 wedding photographs, and the hard work that went into each an every wedding, and all the wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing their wedding day with – it just really creates a great feeling going into a new year with all of that!

I’d be very happy if 2018 decided to even partially follow the same direction 2017 took. I realise some things can’t happen again, like entering the year being named by New York based magazine Rangefinder as one of their worlds ’30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography‘, or having one of my images named by Junebug Weddings in the ‘Worlds Best 50 Wedding Photos‘. But these things are just nice bonuses when they happen, and not the real reason I choose to take photos of weddings. It’s people, and it always will be. When somebody makes the decision and wants me to be the person to capture their wedding, then friendships are formed – laughs, tears and emotions are shared, and endless memories are captured. Recorded for people who are not yet here, and people who won’t be here forever. All of this, this is what made my year, and this is what will make 2018 another great year!

2017 also gave me the push to get a wedding photography workshop off the ground, and so Constellation was formed with The Twins Photography / Caroline. After the success of the first workshop and the feedback received, it was ultra amazing to see Junebug Weddings name it as one of ‘The Best Wedding Photography Workshops to Attend in 2018‘! We look forward to the next workshop on 22nd + 23rd March and watching Constellation progress throughout the year.

I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to meet some wonderful people too, both photographers and clients. Last year saw weddings over all of the UK (many in London), Beirut, Palm Springs, Portugal, and France numerous times (together with speeding points for each trip there, but lets not mention that!).

This year I’m going to be heavily concentrating more than ever on photography that will stand the test of time. All the good stuff that makes a photo, and always will.

2018, I’m excited to see what you have in store. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a rather wonderful year!

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