Meet Paul

Welcome. My photography, it means a lot to me. It’s about much more than turning up and taking a few great photos. If you’re considering me as your wedding photographer, then here’s my chance to sell myself. Please allow me to show you how I approach things differently, what I’ve achieved, what I believe in, and perhaps - maybe, even convince you I’m a good person to document your wedding. If that sounds fair, then please read on ...

Photo Credit / Francesco Spighi, Italy
Paulo Santos Wedding Photographer Inspiration


For me, inspiration is everywhere. I don’t stop being a photographer when I put my camera down. I see interesting frames wherever I go and take countless mental clicks of anything that captures my attention. People, light, movement, shadows, moments, likeable interesting things. These little moments inspire me when I next pick up my camera. When I’m not taking photos, my happiness comes from my two children, meeting new people, travelling (to anywhere), good coffee, unusuality, drinking wine (French), warm sand, people watching, hot sauce, film cameras, music, sunsets, laughing, love.


Paulo Santos - Wedding Photographer About Me


When you choose me I bring more than a decade of experience as a professional wedding photographer to your wedding. Over four hundred happy couples across the globe have hired me for my unique style and approach to wedding photography. I’m immensely proud of this. I’m also proud to have won many of the most reputable international photography awards for my work. I've also been recruited as a judge at some of these awards too.

Wedding Photography Kodak Portra 400 Kodak Tri-X 400


Like every aspect of my photography, it’s considered. This includes the beautiful and timeless 35mm film aesthetic you see and feel throughout my work. I’m drawn to creating classic black and white imagery and endearing rich colour frames with perfect natural hues and gorgeous skin tones that I know my clients love and appreciate. I don't outsource the editing of your photos. I’m emotionally connected to your photos at every stage.


Wedding Photography Client Connection


Having a connection with your photographer is essential. From connection comes trust. I'm trusted to photograph weddings from the luxurious and large to small intimate events, and everything in between. The most magical pure photography is created when solid trust and connection exists with my couples, together with a shared appreciation for the timeless style I strive for. My photography isn’t just about venues or dresses, it’s about people, and all the wonderful character and emotion that comes with that.


Please take a moment to glance over the wonderful things couples say about their experience after the event. It’s truly wonderful to hear my clients explain exactly what it was that struck a chord with them as individuals.

Many of my reviews extend past the quality of the photographs, and into everything they loved from start to finish. That’s exactly the way it should be. Because, it’s about much more than turning up and taking a few great photos.